'Local-influencers' Opening Doors to Local Advertising on Social Media

Since the advent of social media, major brands have looked to social influencers and online celebrities with huge followings to promote their products to online audiences in a way that local advertising struggles to do. However, just as social influencers have challenged traditional media, ‘local influencers’ are now stealing the attention of local businesses looking to connect with their followers in a similar fashion.

Local influencers with local engagement

While there is no universal definition of a local influencer, they are typically described as social-media users with as few as several hundred followers whose sphere of influence is mainly within a local geographic region. They would be individuals who are active in their communities, schools, churches, civic groups, local charities, foundations, causes, etc., and virtually every small-business owner found in your local strip mall, from boutique shop owner to independent insurance agent, is eager to tap into the type of influence that flows naturally on social media.

For these small businesses, it's a question of finding and connecting with individual local influencers whose reach, though small, carries a far higher proportion of followers who are passionate about what’s being featured. Local influencers are also relatively less expensive to partner with than their more popular brethren, and by aggregating multiple influencers within a niche segment together, business owners can yield a greater ROI with the same budget they would spend on one major-influencer partnership alone.

But is there an simple and efficient way for small-business owners to connect with local influencers directly? The downside of managing campaigns with multiple influencers is that it may require more work, in terms of manpower than for one major-influencer partner alone. Performing countless Google searches and sending unsolicited emails to local influencers in an attempt to connect with them will likely chill any marketer's enthusiasm.

Platforms that provide influencer marketing solutions are available but few have yet to tap into the full potential of the local-influencer market. But, as with most obstacles marketers face, new startups have moved in with software designed to reduce the burden and streamline the service. One such solution is MashDrop.com, a new influencer-marketing platform that links marketers with a database of local-influencers across businesses both large and small and provides a full suite of tools, pricing options and engagement analytics to make local-social advertising a One-Stop Shop. Similar solutions are bound to pop up as MashDrop and others attempt to bridge the divide that currently exists between large social networks with global reach and the needs of community-based local advertisers.