MashDrop for Social Influencers - A Quick Guide

Congratulations and Welcome to MashDrop. You’re here because you’ve been building your brand and are ready to transform your social-media presence into a revenue-generating business.

As a social-media influencer, you have the potential to earn substantial revenues managing simple ad content on your social-network channels. We’re here to guide you thru the maze as you connect your social assets to a multitude of advertisers willing to pay your asking price for sharing native content with your online followers. Through our fully-integrated platform, you'll be able to manage the process of monetizing your social audience from start to finish.

The application itself requires little training and though it’s designed to be simple, making the most of the tool we offer requires an investment in time as you learn to maximize the value it offers advertisers.

The first thing you’ll do is create your influencer profile. This is done in 3-steps:

  1. Select a category that best fits your audience

  2. Determine the rate or fee you will charge advertisers

  3. Elect the premium services you will offer

Selecting a category

Deciding the category that best fits you and your audience is straight forward enough if you happen to be, for example, a traveling nomad or are promoting a vegan lifestyle - in those cases the category itself is fairly clear, but often an influencer’s posts will not correspond with, from a marketers point of view, any particular type of audience.

For example, say that you like to post quirky videos on a wide variety of topics. Your talent for discovering and re-posting quirky content is what attracts followers (who also share your sense of quirky entertainment) but what kinds of products or services would an advertiser be interested in selling to your audience? What is the market profile or demographic that describes your followers? And what types of ads would you feel comfortable posting?

These are questions to consider regardless of the subject matter of your posts and it’s a good idea to keep in mind how an advertiser would identify the type of audience your posts attract.

Determining your rate

Social-Influencer marketing is a new phenomenon and how to price your social assets is an art as much as it is a science. We will offer guidelines as a starting point but the more you know about your industry's pricing practices the fairer your rate will be and the more paying content you’ll ultimately attract.

The first thing to consider as a social influencer on is that you are distributing someone else's content rather than ‘creating’ original content yourself. The way the industry quotes display advertising rates is thru the CPM (cost per mille) or cost per one thousand impressions. The dollar amount associated with a CPM rate will depend on a number of factors but generally will be in the $1-CPM to $10-CPM range for these types of ads.

As a rule of thumb, you should price your space based on the number of impressions your posts are likely to receive. But it's not always easy to know what that count will be. You will be posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and each of these has a different algorithm to determine who will see your posts on their network feeds. It's fairly certain only a small fraction of your audience will actually see the content you post, so, it’s important that you have some idea what the percentage is because that number will serve as the basis for the rate you charge.

This information can be found in Twitter Analytics and on Facebook page Insights (but absent on your profile and group page). You can also get a rough estimate by taking 10% of your total follower count; dividing that number by 1000 and then multiplying the result by $1 - $2 to get the dollar amount of your basic rate. This should be the price you will charge if you do little else in the way of premium services. The more accurately your price reflects the standard CPM rates the better the odds that you and your audience will be chosen by an advertiser for their social ad campaign.

Premium services offered

Once you've calculated your basic rate (based on $1-$2 CPM rate), you may want to add personal extras to increase your offer. Premiums are value added services that justify higher CPMs. For example, you might tell prospective buyers that you're willing to pin their ad creative to your Twitter or Facebook page for a certain period of time; add personal comments and/or endorsements, add hashtags, etc. Offering to add these extras in addition to simply posting their ad will serve to justify fees in the $3-$10CPM range.

On MashDrop, you will be able to describe the premium services you're willing to perform in detail, and you'll be able to edit both your pricing and value-adding extras at any time. You will also be informed of special requests or brand advocate opportunities if and when offered.

Optimizing Your Value

Once you've signed up, you will be able to monitor campaign activity on your campaign dashboard. Here you will see all the viewer activity that is being monitored on the advertisers' dashboards as well. This information will include the number of viewer clicks to the sponsor's URL, the number of likes, shares, and comments and on which networks the clicks originate. It's important that you give the campaign at least some attention so that you can gauge how well you've priced your fee and if any re-post adjustments are necessary to meet the average number of views implicit in your CPM rate.

In time you will find that this will become second nature to you and you will develop a deeper appreciation for the role you play in the distribution of content vital to e-commerce itself.

Pay Per Click

In addition to earning flat-fee income, you may be offered payment based on the number of times viewers click on the ads themselves. PPC ads are intended to drive viewers to a sponsor's target destination and you will be paid for each individual who has clicked on one of these URL-embedded ads that originated on your social pages.

With PPC ads, the advertiser's 'bid price' (the amount they will pay you per click) will be in the notification sent to you. If you choose to accept PPC ad campaigns, you will post and monitor them in exactly the same way you post flat-fee campaigns. With PPC ads, you can maximize your earnings by reposting the ad as often as you wish (only 1-discrete click per viewer will register) and you will earn the PPC rate for clicks resulting from your downlines that are traceable back to you as well. And, in the event a post goes viral, you may be able to capture the entire amount of the PPC ad spend.

There is much to learn about online advertising and your knowledge and expertise in this area will develop over time. As a MashDrop influencer, your success is vital to ours and we will do all we can to ensure your competitiveness by keeping you abreast of best practices and working actively to source relevant, well-paying content for you to share with your online audiences.