Why use MashDrop?

For advertisers, marketers and brands the answer is simple: to reach online audiences in a way that maximizes sales conversions while minimizing the disruption of the user's social experience. For social publishers, it's to maximize their social channel's ad value while maintaining control over its native environment, free from third-party intervention.

This has been achieved with online platforms servicing the commercial ad industry by integrating a multitude of ad servers, DSPs, ad exchanges and various other platforms that collectively exist between the advertiser and the target website. But it's relatively rare to find a single platform that brings the full suite of such useful features down to the level of the individual social channel. MashDrop zeros in on this niche by enabling socially-network publishers, influencers and advocates to self-distribute ad content as they see fit, from start to finish, directly to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Social-influencer marketing is a dynamic and fast-growing sector and influencers with large audiences are in high demand. To preserve the native quality of the influencer's social channel, brands generally rely upon influencers themselves to self-create authentic ad campaigns on their behalf. Acting as ad 'creators', influencers are free to conceptualize campaigns as they see fit and submit their marketing concepts for approval. If approved, their campaign is made at a pre-negotiated rate. As a social network, MashDrop maintains a more traditional approach to social-network advertising. Our publishers do not 'create' ads per se, they simply select the best content for their social audiences from the brands offered, free to add personal comments, reactions, endorsements and testimonials to the content before sharing with their network.

In addition to providing for the mutual selection of content and audience, users on MashDrop are given two methods in which to price and earn revenue. Advertisers bid for influence by posting pay-per-click rates for which selected influencers can opt in, or alternatively, accept the influencers' flat-rate offer to post content on their social media. Either way, both parties are free to choose the option that works best for them. MashDrop also offers social influencers an 'auto-donate' feature that makes it simple and easy to donate any percentage of their ad earnings to a favorite charity or cause simply by selecting a percentage and designating the beneficiary's email address. Once the threshold dollar amount is met, the percentage indicated is debited and sent to the beneficiary on their behalf, automatically, thus turning commercial ad buys into charitable donations on a consistent and ongoing basis.

As social-channel influencers are selected at the advertiser's discretion, MashDrop does not require a minimum number of followers in order to become an influencer on our platform. We welcome virtually all types of social publishers, including those who are just beginning their ascent into the world of online influence. In doing so, niche-market and community-based networks that are difficult to reach become readily available to local businesses and convert large-scaled global networks into locally-viable advertising venues. Advertisers may also receive cost savings and increased user engagement as a result of aggregating micro-influencer audiences together to reach target audiences that would otherwise be inaccessible, unavailable or unaffordable with a single, but more popular, social influencer alone.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have all integrated the features of custom pricing, sophisticated ad targeting and detailed analytics into their ad platforms, but they've completely eliminated the influencer in their ad revenue model. MashDrop recognizes the value social influencers offer in both demographic targeting and price reduction and we've centered our platform's design specifically around them.